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Evening Presentations





This presentation takes you through a typical year in the life of a river fly-fisher, seeing the seasons come and go along with the ever changing diet of the fish. Stuart takes a critical look at the food the fish eat and how we, as anglers, can adapt our techniques and tackle to make the most of each and every part of the river angler’s year.




A two-part presentation based on river fly-fishing and how we can all improve our catch rate by having a little extra knowledge on the habits of the natural food that trout and grayling feed on. In part one Stuart looks in detail at how different types of insects and their life-cycles can make them more or less vulnerable to the fish. In part two Stuart gives you further evidence on the actual food on which the fish feed and how this varies with both the time of the year and the time of day.




This is Stuart’s own story about his fly-fishing journey, from where it all started to where it is going now. It has information on his involvement with the rebirth of his beloved River Don and his time representing England in fishing competitions. A different sort of presentation this one and usually provokes plenty of debate!




A presentation that was five years in the making, with countless rewrites! It is a combination of Stuart’s own observations and study and the study of countless scientific papers and books. And, you would think after that lot he would know everything there is to know about them – BUT NO, science is not like that, there are still plenty of questions to address. The presentation is not just about the “angler’s mayfly” that appears on many waters in late May and early June but also covers other native species that are equally interesting and important.




This is based simply on things we can all do to improve our fly-fishing. Audience participation and feedback is key for this presentation to work, therefore Stuart needs a good enthusiastic audience. On evenings like this we all learn from each other and it hopefully will lead to us all catching a few more fish!






A presentation looking at how to read the signals given to the angler by nature as an aid to decide the best methods and fly choice while fly-fishing on a typical river. This is full of thought provoking information and hopefully will make the complex world of entomology, rivercraft and fly-fishing all a little easier to understand.




A presentation that is a direct spin off from Stuart’s research projects on these wonderful insects.  In this presentation Stuart takes you into the secret world of caddisflies. There are lots of intriguing images and information totally new to the fly-fishing world.  




Stuart is a very practical fly-dresser and has developed many novel and often simple fly patterns over the past 30 years that represent food items commonly found inside fish caught on rivers. During these evenings Stuart will tie some of these flies and talk on how to best use them.