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Day Workshops



These are one-day workshops in which everyone gets the chance to tie and cover in detail some of Stuart’s favourite patterns. Each workshop is tailored to suit the group involved with the patterns and material lists all arranged before the day. These have become very popular and are ideal to do on wet and windy Saturdays outside the fishing season.


ENTOMOLOGY WORKSHOPS (bug hunting days!)


The various bugs and beasties that live in our rivers & streams (that make up the natural diet of the fish we are trying to catch) fascinate most fly-fishermen. During these basic entomology workshops Stuart will come to your local river fishery and collect a sample of the creatures that are there. These are then examined by everyone to see what there is. Stuart will bring along all the sampling equipment and insect identification keys needed. All you need to supply is a sample area of a river and a base to return to (such as a village hall or the back room of a pub!) where the catch can be studied in comfort. Groups of six to ten are ideal for this type of day with spring and early summer being the ideal times to sample a river.


ENTOMOLOGY DAYS (more bug hunting!)


These are based on the Entomology Workshops described above but are on a one-to-one level with Stuart. He will go with you to your local river and look with you at what is living in it and how this fits in with the sport of fly-fishing. He will supply all the equipment to catch and hopefully identify what you have. These days can be tailor made to your requirements and perhaps can be combined with a “guided” fishing day, give him a call to discuss fees and your requirements.